Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, the six SEAD scholars are back in California after a grueling, but very fun, two weeks at Dartmouth College. Two days ago, we emerged as SEAD III graduates. It was a very emotional time. We've all spent three years living and working together, and it has come to an end. SEAD has made a great impact on all of our lives. Through this program, we have met people we've never known before, learned so much about what it is like to be in college, improved our communication and speaking skills, and most importantly, have established a loving and supportive network of people around the country. It's hard to talk about SEAD with other people, because there are really no words to describe how amazing this program is. The connection we have with the staff members and the other scholars at the other schools is very very strong.

I'm thankful for everything that SEAD has done for me, especially this year. We have made much progress in our college search, and we have also completed a college essay as well as the Common Application. Because of SEAD, we are a step ahead of perhaps all of our peers. I have gotten so much advice for the coming year from the staff members as well as the lead teachers. They gave me additional suggestions of colleges that I could consider applying to, and also critique on my college essay. I love the fact that I have so many resources to turn to this fall for any questions that I might have along the way. In fact, they insist that we contact them and update them on our progress in our college admissions activities.

Although I am happy to be home in beautiful California, I miss my SEAD family dearly. It's strange to not wake up and see your roommate across from you, or to hear a familiar voice telling you to go to breakfast. I think I can speak for everybody in the program that we just can't wait for the reunion in the fall. It will come before we know it, and I'm sure the wait will be worthwhile.

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dongosney said...

Congratulations on successfully navigating this program. All indications are that the SEAD program will have a positive impact on you all.

Although the program presented you with opportunities, it was you as a person of strength and wisdom that made the choice and did what was necessary to reach out and embrace those opportunities. And now you reap the rewards.

Brava, Jennifer.