Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh What a wonderful day

From the moment we arrive in Hanover and walked on over to the Dartmouth hall, for the opening ceremony, I realize this place has become so nostalgic. Immediate entering the doors to the presentations going on in the Dartmouth halls we were instantly welcomed and greeted with hugs. I felt so fortunate to be in a program where there are so many who care about me and take notice of everything we do. Our Schedule since then has been busy from SAT classes to afte afterrnoon college workshops. Ever minute of the day is carefully planned. This year the focus is on conserving simple things we take for granted. today was jam packed with excitment from filling up the beginning process of the common application to bowling till 10:00 at night, i am beyond tired but filled with excitment for the next day.the weather here has been shifting from rain to sun and it is so humid!!!!
well its about almost 12 o'clock and i have to finish my goodbye for now

Dzinya D.


Madeline Kronenberg said...


Thanks so much for posting this.

I can see that you SEAD III students really feel at "home". It sounds like you will be busy working on your college application process and I'd love to hear more details about that.

Make sure you get your rest -- but please keep us in the loop and keep blogging.

Take care.

Charles Ramsey said...

Good work on the post. Dzinya you are doing well and I am glad that the Dartmouth experience has worked for you. I want you to embrace this opportunity and continue to utilize the tremendous support that the Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth(SEAD) is providing you in getting ready for college.

It has to be a great feeling knowing that someone is working with you to enhance your chances of going to college. At times, the process can be overwhelming but apparently you have taken the time to learn how to compete.

Remember you only have one week left and you want to maximize your effort. This is your last summer in Hanover and I want you to reallly take it all in and get the most out of it. Walk around the campus, visit the library, go down main street, and continue to ask questions of the Dartmouth students.

Remember John Young from El Cerrito High School is a Sophomore at Dartmouth and he is on campus. Call him and see how campus life is for him there in the Upper Valley. He knows El Cerrito High School and he can give you a first hand testimonial about how Dartmouth compares to living at home.

I know that Dartmouth is a wonderful place and I hope that you will continue to share your thougths with us. Your executive director, Jay Davis, does a great job with all of you and please remember to thank him for all of the time that he has invested in the group.

Keep up the good work and keep posting.

Charles T. Ramsey
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

dongosney said...

I've been very envious of all that you've had offered to you but now I'm dripping with envy. This whole thing about being welcomed with open arms sounds pretty nice to me.

I come home and the only one welcoming me is my cat and if he knew how to tear open those food pouches I doubt that even he'd be there to welcome me.

Sounds like a great experience. Tell us more--tell us everything.