Monday, July 7, 2008

Today we took a mock SAT in our SAT class to test the techniques and strategies we learned during the past week. I felt i did better in the critical reading section of the test because I was able to understand the passage a lot better than I normally would. because of the SAT, I discovered reading the passage first then answer the questions help me answer the questions more efficiently than reading the questions first then find the answer in the text like I usually do. Likewise, my essay class helped me immensely as well because it gave me insights into what a good personal statement for the common application should look like, a good balance of narrative and reflections and a conclusion to wrap it up. The College Application course was also very helpful. It gave us websites where we can search for colleges according o our specifications such as Matchmaker. The course also help us fill out the Common Application and answer any questions we might have in the process. The SEAD program did a fantastic job of helping us getting through the complicating and frustrating college admission process. Being in this program made me feel like the luckiest high school student in the world.


Madeline Kronenberg said...


Thanks for sharing all about the SAT class. It sounds very helpful and I'm so happy that you have learned so much from it.

You've worked hard these last three years -- so I'm very happy you feel "lucky" but there's an old saying "luck is the residue of design" (Branch Rickey). It means that when the opportunity to be in SEAD came up, you were prepared and worked hard. You made your own luck. Good job!!

dongosney said...

Let me get this straight: you've traveled from one end of the country to the other--at great expense and tribulations--to learn how to take the SAT's? You understand, don't you, that Barnes & Nobles has a whole shelf of books to help with the SAT's and they're just down the street from your home?

Sounds like you're soaking it all in, though, so it's money well spent.

Keep up the good work and keep those postings coming.